Circulars  List

Sr.NoMemo_NOCircular DateSubject/TitleAction
3 Tech/Roads/Earth Work on Berms/211.15/2016/Genl/88316-371 19/09/2016 Execution of Road Works regarding Item of Earth Works on Berms. Download
4 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6034/2016/Gen/109445-109541 02/11/2016 To Implement the Centralized file Movement and Tracking Information System on State Portal Download
5 Tech/Roads/Widening of Roads/211.17/2016/Gen/109377-442 02/11/2016 Circular Regarding new construction/widening of existing roads. Download
6 Interlocking paver Blocks/104.3/2016/Gen/703-716 02/01/2017 Execution of Interlocking Paver Blocks as per provisions of agreement. Download
7 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6035/2017/Gen/3256-3341 09/01/2017 To Implement the Centralized File Movement and Tracking Information System on State Portal Download
8 Tech/Roads/Allocation of Budget/211.19/2017/Gen/12672-715 24/01/2017 Regarding allocation of Budget in respect of Road Works under Head 3054-R&B (NP)-State Scheme Download
9 Tech/Roads/Earth Works on berms/211.20/2017/Gen/16072-16757 31/01/2017 Execution of Road works-Regarding item of earth works on berms. Download
10 Tech/Roads/Cement Concrete//211.21/2017/Gen/20864-876 07/02/2017 Instructions regarding chamfering of precast cement conrete blocks Download
11 MISC/Gen Circular/Central file Tracking System/6035/2017/Gen/25018-073 14-02-2017 CeFMaTIS(Pending files) Download
12 Tech/Roads/Utility Shfting/211.25/2017/Genl/42593-648 15/03/2017 Status regarding utility shifting while processing tenders. Download
13 Tech/Roads/Amendments in standard bid doucuments/211.26/2017/Gen/45760-772 20/03/2017/ Amendments in Standard Bid Documents of road works Download
14 PWd/Tech/Roads/thermoplasticpaints Glass beads/211.28/2017/Gen/71414-71469 03/05/2017 Approved brand of hot applied Thermoplastic paint and Glass beads which are to be used in roads markings. Download
15 PWd/Tech/PMGSY/Laying of WBM/207.1/2017/Gen/68000-68055 26/04/2017 Providing practices regarding laying of WBM Download
16 PWD/Tech/Road/Status of Road works/211.29/2017/gen/72769-824 03/05/2017 Status of road works falling under Jurisdiction Provincial Division PWD B&R. Download
17 PWd/Tech/Roads/Land plan-Audit Para No. 2.3.8 of 2012/Gen/54690-702 31/03/2017 Maintaining of Land Register/Land plan - Audit para No. 2.3.g of 2012 Download
18 PWd/Tech/Roads/Land plan-Audit Para No. 2.3.8 of 2012/Gen/54690-702 31/03/2017 Maintaining of Land Register/Land plan - Audit para No. 2.3.g of 2012 Download
19 Pwd code/tenders,contacts&arbiration/105.7/2017/Gen/94471-526 13/06/2017 regarding postponmentof the date of receipt of tenders on website Download
20 100371-100382/WI 14/06/2017 Inspection/repair of Govt. buildings/houses prior to rainy season Download
21 132796-851/Gen 04/08/2017 Clarification for payment of escalation on the basis of latest availablity of nomenclature of Steel & Cement on consumer price index of india Download
22 PWD/MISC/Circulars of MORTH/Arbitration Cases/601.1/2017/Gen/132416-481 04/08/2017 Instructions for processing of Arbitration Cases. Download
23 135413-469 09/08/2017 Use of ISI marked interlocking CC paver block instead of large size concrete blocks Download
24 134611-666/Gen 09/08/2017 Minutes of meeting held on 19.07.2017 at 10.00 AM under the Chairmanship of hon'ble Public Minister (Building & Roads) in his office room Download
25 138465-820 17/08/2017 Earnest Money Deposit Download
26 142384-439 23/08/2017 Minutes of meeting held on 25.07.2017 in Head Office under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Public Works Minister (Building & Roads) to address general grievances of Contractors Download
27 140911-140965 21/08/2017 Use of CRMB in road works Download
28 143141-143206 23/08/2017 Guidelines on GST-Role and Responsibility of Government Department under GST. Download
29 Tech/Roads/Earth Works on berms/211.30/2017/Gen/145402-457 28/08/2017 Provision for item of earthwork on berms Download
30 Pwd code/tenders,contacts&arbiration/105.8/2017/Gen/15811-866 11/09/2017 Regarding postponement of the date of receipt of tender on website Download
31 153730-785 11/09/2017 Implementation of GST in PWD B&R Deptt Download
32 Tender for Road work/211.18/2017/Gen/5755-820 12.01.2017 Inviting consolidate tenders for road work, Shifting of Public Health Utility and Existing electric HT Lines , and electric poles, Download
33 TechMatters/NCR/Quantities/209/2017/Gen/162338-393 25/09/2017 Approval of Variation of Quantities Download
34 Tech/Roads/Use of CRMB//211.31/2017/Genl/164932-988 28/09/2017 Use of CRMB in Roads works Download
35 Tech/Roads/disposal of Earth Works /211.32/2017/Gen/167040-062 03/10/2017 Items of disposal of earthwrok Download
36 169619-684 09/10/2017 Permission for granting extension of time in road works due to demonetization of currency on 09.11.2016 Download
37 MISC/Gen Circular/e-marketplace(Gen)/603.8/2017/171515-1558 11/10/2017 Adoption of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by the State- Status report on the implementation of GeM. Download
38 169619-684 09/10/2017 Permission for granting extension in road works due to demonetization of currency on 09.11.2016 Download
39 Tech/Roads/Limit of execution/211.32/2017/Gen/186324-379 08/11/2017 Reconstruction, widening or/and strengthening of road regarding limit of execution in continuous stretch. Download
40 PWD Code/SBD/Clause No. 23.4/104.4/2017/Gen/195888-953 23/11/2017 Amendment in Clause No. 23.4 of Bidding document for the road works Download
41 PWD Code/SBD/Clause No.4.3c & 4.5 A104.4/2017/Gen/195888-195953 23/11/2017 Amendment in Clause No. 4.3c & 4.5 A of SBD for building works Download
42 Tech/Roads/Use of CRMB//211.31/2017/Genl/201722-201777 04/12/2017 Use of CRMB in Road Works Download
43 192-197 02/01/2018 Officer Order., To improve quality of works Download
44 7489-7500/Gen 15/11/2018 Video photography of road work after date of completion Download
45 204161-71/Gen 06/12/2017 approved list of arbitrators Download
46 13429-484/Gen 24/01/2018 Guidelines on GST Role and Responsibility of Govt. Download
49 116345-357/Gen 17/07/2018 Approval of SHree Cement for Haryana Public Works Download
50 116944-956/Gen 17/07/2018 Approved list of Arbitators Download
51 PWD/SBD/Tender Document Fee/1045/2018/Gen 67868 26/04/2018 Standard Bid Document- Regarding Tender Document Fee. Download
52 Misc/Gen Circular/Consultancy Service/6039/108407-108474 03/07/2018 Guidelines for availing consultancy services from empanelled consultants Download
53 327-R-11/PWD Code/SBD/Performance Security in SBD/104.6/2018/Genl/91425 04/06/2018 Rationalization of clause of Additional Performance Security for unbalanced bid in SBD for road Works. Download
54 pwd/SBd/Amendment in respect of qualifying information reg. SBD/106.8/2018/Genl/101879 21/06/2018 Amendment in respect of qualifying regarding standard bidding of road works Download
55 pwd/SBD/Approval of SBD/105.7/2018/Genl/85137-85192 25/05/2018 Approval of standard bid document for ROB and Bridges Download
56 327-R-11/Finanicial Matter/Bank Guarantee/Submission of Performance/302.1/2018/53899-53910/Genl. 04/04/2018 Instrucations regarding Submission of Performance Bank Guarantee by the Contarctors. Download
57 71837-71892/Genl. 03/05/2018 Calibration of newly purchased bituminous contents analyzer by ignition method and to analyze the correction factor of material taken from the approved quarry in the State of Haryana Download
58 101885/Genl. 21/06/2018 Complaints of HARPATH Download
59 Tech/Roads/1%cost of estimates/211.34/2018//Genl./108559 03/07/2018 Department minimum charges @1% of the cost of estimate submitted by the HUDA in account of PW (B&R) Department Download
60 104786/Genl. 27/06/2018 Economical use of Govt. attached with Executive Engineers. Download
61 Tech/Roads/Fixing of rates for thermoplastic road/211.35/2018/Genl./85205-85260 25/05/2018 Regarding fixing of rates for Thermoplastic road marking paint work. Download
62 PWD/SBD/Amendment in respect of qualifing information information reg. SBD/106.8/2018/Genl./101879 21/06/2018 Amendment in respect of qualifying inforamtion regarding standard Bidding of road works. Download
63 108250-108317/Gen 03/07/2018 List of Empanelment of consultants categor-I,II, III-A and III-B . Download
64 74909-74921/Gen 08/05/2018 Instructions regarding visit to Chandigarh/Panchkula. Download
65 Tech/Bridges/Cast in situ piles/212.3/2018/Gen/120876-120894 23/07/2018 Guidelines for installation of Board Cast In situ Concrete piles Download
66 125505-125560- 24/07/2017 Inviting online application fro Road Cut and Access Permission. Download
67 Tech/Building/FlyAshproduct/210.8/2018/140759 29/08/2018 Use of Fly Ash Products Download
68 Tech/Road/Land Aquisition/211.30/2018/Genl./170526-170548/EEg 18/10/2018 Notification of Land Aquisition Download
69 145959-146014 07/09/2018 Minutes of the meeting held on 28.08.2018 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Public Works Minister regarding inspection of works Download
70 PWd code/SBD/Debarring of Bidder/04.9/2018/Genl.151834-151858 18/09/2018 Standard Bid Document for Road Works Download
71 Misc/General Circular/Invitation of bid/608.16/2018/Genl/156596-663 25/09/2018 Invitation for Bids/pres notice Download
72 Tech/Road/Maintenance of Road/211.37/2018/Gen/175561-573 30/10/2018 Provision of clause regarding maintenance of road during construction nperiod Download
73 180839-180894 13/11/2018 Road safety Download
74 PWD Code/SBD/General experience/104.10/2018/Genl 186186-198 22/11/2018 Amendment in Standard Bid Documents regarding General Experience Clause 4.5.3 (a) & (b) Download
75 PWD code/Tenders/Submission of Tender/105.9/2018/Gen 188326-338 27/11/2018 Submission of tender in Head office Download
76 PWD Code/Tender/Performa for Tender/105.10/2018/Genl/192586-598 04/12/2018 Amendment in performa for consideration by the tender Approval Committee Download
77 Misc./Genl.Circular/Adoption of LCC/603.14/2019/Gen 70442-508 22/04/2019 Adoption of principles of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis Download
78 327-R-11/PWD Code/SBD/Bidder Qualification/104.11/2019/Gen/1480-92 18/01/2019 Amendment in standard Bid Documents regarding Qualification of the bidders Clause 4.3 (1) and clause 1.14 Programme & Clause 1.15 Quality Assurance Programme Download
79 Budget/Annual Budget/Improvement of Budget/701.1/2019/Genl/61644-704 05/04/2019 Improvement of budget allotment system for building works (for capital and Deposit works) Download
80 PWD Code/SBD/Clause No. 405(b)/104.12/2019/Genl/60952-963 04/04/2019 Amendment in standard bid document clause No. 4.5 (b) of bridges Download
81 Misc/General/Circular/Rates of different items/603.12/2019/Genl/25742-808 11/02/2019 Regarding rates of different items as supplied by Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board Download
82 Misc/Genl.Circular/Misuse of Digital Sign./603.13/2019/Genl/31495-563 20/02/2019 Misuse of Digital Signature key by private persons provided to field Executive Engineers Download
83 169-BG-5054-Budget/Annual Budget Preparation/performa for demand/701.2/2019/Genl 82199-267 09/05/2019 Performa of checklist for the demand of Budget for CC running and final bill /Hand receipt of road works (State Scheme) under head 3054-R&B (N.P) and 5054-R&B (Plan) Download
84 Misc/Genl.Circular/Self Execution Scheme/603.14/2019/Genl. 63300-66 09/04/2019 Self Execution Scheme for release of connection of all categories (other than AP category) Download
85 50-WI-08/MIsc/Gen. Circular/Procurement of bed Sheet/603.15/2019/Gen/95256-311 30/05/2019 Procurement of Bed Sheets and Towels for use in Haryana PWD (B&R) Rest Houses, from Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board Download
86 131-Wi-II/Tech/Building/N.S. Items/210.3/2019/Gen/94853-919 29/5/2019 Variation in quantities and approval of NS items in Building works-Demand of budget Download
87 327-R-II/Tech/Road/Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Concrete/211.40/2019/Genl/93908-77 29/05/2019 Use of Reclaimed Asphal Concrete for Hot Mix Bituminous Material Download
88 Tech/Road/Anti Stripping agent Bituminous/211.36/2018/Gen/168162-174 15/10/2018 Use of Anti Stripping Agent for Bituminous Layers Download
89 131-WI-11/pwdCode/Tender/Change of Tender Schedule/105.11/2019/Gen/97716-97771 03/06/2019 Change of Tender Schedule in PWD B&R deptt Download
90 701-R-19/Tech/Road/Central Verge of Road/211.41/Gen./112068-131 28/06/2019 Central Verge of Road to be kept green Download
91 51-WI-1970/Misc/Gen. Circular/PWD Rest houses rates/603.16/2019/General/116555-632 05/07/2019 Revision of Rates/Charges for Booking of Rooms in PWD B&R Rest Houses at Panchkukl, Rai (Sonepat) Gurugram and PWD B&R Rest Houses at other places to be taken from Haryana Govt. officers and private persons Download
92 327-R-11/Tech/Road/Concrete Pavement in SBD/211.42/2019/Gen/123979-34 17/07/2019 Provision regarding cement concrete pavement in the standard bid document Download
93 701-R-19/Tech/Roads/Demarcation Report/211.43/2019/Gen/125298-64 18/07/2019 Demarcation report to be attached alongwith the detailed estimates Download
94 51-WI-70/Misc/Gen. Circular/PWD Rest houses rates/603.17/Gen/138584-95 06.08.2019 Revision of rates/Charges for booking of rooms in PWD B&R Rest Houses at Panchkula, Rai (Sonepat), Gurugram and PWD B&R Rest Houses at other places to be taken from Haryana Govt. officers and private persons Download
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